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Item Title: Furs for 1943. A wise investment. American Fur Designer. ...
Collection Title: Poster collection
Issuing Body: American Fur Designer
Date Created: 1942/1943?
Description: Photograph and drawings of furs.
Theme(s): Business & Commerce
Subject(s): Fur trade ; Fashion ; Clothing trade ; Fur garments ; Magazine illustration ; Fashion writing ; United States ; Clothing and dress
Language(s): English
Country of Origin: United States
Dimensions: Overall: 28 x 22 in. (71.1 x 55.9 cm)
Format: Poster
Medium: political posters
Hoover ID: Poster US 7956
Record Number: XX343.32366
Rights: This work may be protected by copyright laws and is provided for educational and research purposes only. Any infringing use may be subject to disciplinary action and/or civil or criminal liability as provided by law. If you believe you are the rights holder and object to Hoover's use of this work, please contact the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.
Collection Structure: Poster collection > Furs for 1943. A wise investment. American Fur Designer. ...

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