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Item Title: Britain Meets the Bay Debate (Round II)
Date Created: April 02, 1998
Description: The Oxford/Cambridge team faces University of California, Berkeley/Stanford to debate "This house believes peace requires force."
Language(s): English
Country of Origin: United States
Place Recorded: San Francisco, California, United States
Dimensions: Duration: 1 hr, 49 minutes, 42 seconds
Format: Sound Recording
Medium: speeches (documents)
Hoover ID: Program 19980402; 2003c87_a_0007813
Record Number: 2003C87.2323
Rights: Used with permission of the Commonwealth Club of California.This copy is provided for educational and research purposes only. No publication, further reproduction, or reuse of copies, beyond fair use, may be made without the express written permission of the copyright owner.
Collection Structure: Commonwealth Club of California records > Sound recordings of club programs > Britain Meets the Bay Debate (Round II)

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